Saturday, 8 June 2013

Open day - dates for your diary

Hello everyone- a couple of dates for your diary Sunday July 28th and Monday 29th, -10am -2pm both days. I am having an "Open Day" at Trenow Cove Dairy so that all of you who have been so interested in following "Karen's Farm" can come and have a look around the micro dairy. This is probably still the smallest commercial dairy in the UK. You can spend as long or as little time as you like here to suit yourselves - there is no "start " time. I am sharing this occassion with Gerald and Anne Babcock who will be using the day to officially launch their website. As many of you know I work in conjunction with the Babcocks who own the Pendeen herd of Whitebred Shorthorns

The cows that are currently residing here will be in the lower of the fields, so you can wander up and have a look at them. Those of you who like walking might want to see them by walking along Churchway footpath and loop back to Trenow and the bridleway. In the barn will be some photos of the view from the top field and some shots of the fields of how they were before and since.  You will be able to wander through the barn and have a look at the tank room, milking parlour and the pasteurising room.

The Babcocks look after my cows when they are not milking- because they are too young or early pregnancy or "dry " cows who have finished milking for a time. When the cows are away from me they spend their time up on the Penwith Moors where they are conservation grazing. If you want to know more about conservation grazing come along and talk to Gerald.

Now for practical issues-  parking is limited in the little area at the bottom of the bridleway so if at all possible, can you walk to the dairy. If I can secure additional parking I will let you all know. For those not familar with the area there will be sign posts directing you. Respectfully no dogs, on this occasion. I am not anti dog but two of the cows who were involved with the terrible dog attack last year will be here and now they are not struck on them!

Looking forward to seeing you all.

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