Friday, 27 April 2012

Buttercup is home

From L to R Guinevere, Primrose, Buttercup and Daisy

This week Buttercup returned home after spending the last year over at Pendeen running with Gerald Babcocks Whitebred Shorthorn bull, Spoutbank Major. And yes she is pregnant!  She is expecting her first calf  at the end of September or early October. You may all remember that Buttercup and Daisy were my first two Whitebred Shorthorns, ( Daisy had her calf Snowdrop this February), so spent their early days together. So for the next week or two there will be four cows in the field above Trenow Cove. After that time Guinevere, ( the heifer who took the brunt of the recent dog attack )and Primrose will go to Pendeen for summer grazing and an interactive holiday with Major!

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