Friday, 20 April 2012

The piglets and the sows

Its soon time for the piglets to move on to new homes as they are comming upto 8 weeks of age. So I have placed an ad. in the local paper. The youngest sow Betty will also need to find a new home, perhaps she will go with one or two of the piglets. The alternatives are to keep her and breed from her, this is not ideal as I dont have the space. Or sausages, which would be a shame when relatively young. Cilla on the other hand is well past breeding age and she will make wonderful sausages. So once all the littleuns have gone, then she's off to Olds at St Just. So for any of you who have not tried Perran Pork why not go for some sausages? There will be plenty to go round, the last time I  converted a whole pig into sausages it was the volume of 2 dustbins. Orders from a couple of pounds to a carrier bag full equally excepted, just let me know.


  1. Hello Karen,

    Can you put us down for some sausages if you have any left. Also we would be interested in pork, but someone told me you had sold out?

  2. We would like some sausages too please Karen