Saturday, 22 September 2012

A new birth

Hello everyone, its a while since we spoke and its now definately autumn.

Happily Daisy is now pregnant since Major paid a visit. with a new calf for her expected early May 2013.

However, the news of the day is that Buttercup gave birth to a bull calf at dawn this morning Cow and calf doing well. Also, I now have a new part time dairy maid,-  Edith Kirk from the village, so she was soon on the scene to view the new arrival. (Enid will be doing some relief milking at week ends in  a few years time ). The calf will only be here for a few days befor he goes to Pendeen to be hand reared by Gerald Babcock. There just isnt a way to keep mother and calf together and produce milk. He will be very well looked after and soon mix in with other young calves over there.

The dairy is rapidly changing in order to produce pasteurised semi skimmed milk. I will add some more pictures when the work has been completed in a few days time .

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