Thursday, 8 November 2012

latest news and dairy update

Hello everyone, its a while since we last spoke. However I havnt been idle. The first bit of news is that thanks to the Bettens family, all the little fields that I was renting are now mine. The last bit af paperwork was done last Friday.

I have now completed a level 3 HACCP course and been given my "kite" mark from Cornwall Council Environmental Health Dept to sell pasteurised milk. Over the summer I have had the interior of the barn revamped to meet those requirements.The pic below is my pasteurising room. The panel on the wall looks something off a flight deck, it controlls temperature, time, agitator, tachograph

and various other bits but actually I have got the hang of it! The silver thing on the right with two arms is my cream seperator. Next door is where I milk the cows. I can take two at a time but for the moment I do the "girls" one at a time. This is Buttercup being milked

While this was happening, Daisy, who always goes first, was waiting outside for her. All that is stopping me is the printing of food standard fridge proof labels to go on the milk bottles and butter packets. Many thanks to Pippa for helping me with the design. Enid Kirk my Dairy Maid Assistant has been helping me, and took some butter home lastweek. (Enid and me both have to wear white and have hats on in the pasteurising room. )

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