Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas goose

Hello Everyone Its 1st December and Christmas is nearly upon us. Have you sorted out your "bird" for the festive season? I have still two geese available. If you like duck you will like goose and you cook it in the same way. It is a treat but not as expensive as the supermarkets or butchers at £4.25 per lb. It comes ready to go - not a DIY job with the feathers still on.

Other news;- Primrose came back today with Major the bull, plus one or two othe cows from Pendeen for Majors attention. Primrose left here shortly after the dog attack so it was lovely that she remembered me and where I kept the treats. She will stay here now and hopefull have a calf of her own in 2013.

More news;- My milk and butter sales are going well. Now that I have a " kite mark" it means I can sell anywhere in the world but I will stick with being local for the moment!The outlets are Village Crafts in Perranuthnoe, The Stores in Goldsithney and Delicious in Marazion. The Cornisman photographer came and took a few pictures on Thursday with me and the three outlet proprierors. Not sur if it will make the paper or not

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